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An overview of Future Landscape and Playspaces KSA

With over $250 billion worth of projects under development, accounting for 39% of the GCC total, Saudi Vision 2030 continues to progress on its commitment to transform its economy and focus on initiatives to enhance the quality of life of its citizens, residents and visitors making it a business-friendly country and the region’s most important project and investment market. 

To this end, various initiatives and projects such as the Riyadh Metro ($22.5 billion), King Abdullah Economic City ($27 billion), Jeddah Tower (US$1.23 billion), Ishbiliyah City Centre Riyadh (Mall), Riyadh municipality’s 100 Parks and playground project, Jeddah women only park, Riyadh child friendly city initiative etc. that are promoting entertainment and leisure opportunities, play and wellbeing and sustainable urban development continues to spring up across the regions creating more opportunities for businesses.

The Future Landscape and Playspaces KSA will provide a great business platform and opportunity for senior decision makers from government authorities, urban planners, architects, developers, Landscape designers, hotel operators and leisure, entertainment, regional and international playground and playspace concept experts to meet and discuss future opportunities in the Kingdom’s playspace and entertainment sector.

Excellent Opportunities for the Landscape and Playspaces Sectors

  • Saudi Arabia's government is planning a multi-billion-dollar investment drive to inject some life into the country’s woefully inadequate entertainment and leisure industry and provide a boost to the wider economy.
  • By the end of 2030, the projects aim to serve more than 50 million visitors annually and create more than 22,000 jobs in the Kingdom, which will contribute around SR8 billion to the GDP.
  • Attracting investors and creating an environmentally friendly city for business investment in all sectors continues to be another important driver that is driving government’s strategy for landscape and playspaces projects in the KSA.
  • Malls and hotel owners in Saudi Arabia are increasingly interested in having playspaces on their properties, as it is one of the main attractions and selling points to their clients which consist of a large number of families.
  • Driven by the Saudi Vision 2030 and the national transformation program 2020, which is designed to help KSA diversify their economy and prepare for the post oil era, the government of Saudi Arabia is embarking on massive and ambitious infrastructure and development projects to open up the kingdom and attract tourist and visitors from within and outside.
  • Driven by part of the 2030 vision which focus on improving the quality of life of citizens, residence and visitors, Saudi Arabia government and private sector developers, continues to invest in public realm projects, leisure, play and entertainment facilities to attract more tourist and visitors to develop their tourism industry.
  • Driven by the need to position the KSA as the next tourist destination for leisure, luxury living and recreation in the region, Saudi government is working in partnership with real estate developers to invest in many theme parks, beachfront and island projects like the newly announced NEOM City, to drive tourism and leisure as part of the economy diversification strategy.